Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences? What?

Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences: Not just for students and teachers One of the most valuable trainings I had in my nearly twenty-five years of working as an English Language Acquisition/English Language Learners teacher  (ELL)  (Bio) was the Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences classes provided by Harvey Silver, of Silver, Strong & Associates. The knowledge I gained […]

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SAGEBRUSH: FOE When my family first moved to Southwestern Colorado, our pastures were overgrown with sagebrush. At the time, we didn’t have the equipment to remove it quickly, so the only way to get rid of it was with a mattock.  This was time-consuming, back-breaking work, that nobody liked, but it had to be done, […]

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Sphere of influence


Impacting those in your sphere of influence When I think of the different skills, abilities, desires, and interests God has given us to do His work, I’m amazed. We may have similar life experiences, but we are unique and can influence others in a way no one else can. I don’t believe the people who show […]

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Sherri Gallagher

Sherri Gallagher: Dog Trainer and Author

Sherri Gallagher: Utilizing her expertise in novels For 13 years, Gallagher has been training and using her German shepherds for search and rescue (SAR) missions for children, dementia patients, disoriented hunters or hikers, and even potential suicide victims. Sherri Gallagher has served the body of Christ for since 1998 doing canine search and rescue. She […]

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Shannon Bock BHRT

Monitoring Bioidentical Hormone Replacement (BHRT)

Shannon Bock Monitors BHRT Optimization Shannon’s Credentials BS Kinesiology, CU Boulder Certified Massage Therapist, Boulder College of Massage Therapy Eleven years practice in neuromuscular therapy Physician Assistant-Certified at Red Rocks Community College Masters in medical science, St. Francis University Gunn Certified IMS Practitioner BHRT training by Dr Neal Rouzier via Worldlink Medical Works at Centeno-Schultz […]

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Dr. Ronald Hanson

A two part interview with Dr. Ronald Hanson

PART ONE Dr. Ronald W. Hanson Dr Hanson is a Sports Medicine specialist with extensive experience performing regenerative medicine procedures. Dr Hanson lectures and trains physicians in the US and around the world to use musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound for regenerative orthopedic procedures. He is actively involved with sports medicine societies and the International Cellular Medicine […]

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Robert Logan & Curious George


CURIOUS GEORGE VISITS ROBERT LOGAN’S HISTORY CLASSES Robert Logan is a history teacher at Durango High School in Durango, Colorado.  Several years ago, I attended his class to help with some of the English Language Learners, and it was here I developed an interest in the past. This led to my desire to write historical […]

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