July: Pausing to Remember History

What images do you see when someone says July 4th? Do you think of picnics, fireworks, wars, old documents, or something else? As a reader and writer of historical fiction, here is what comes to my mind. July 3, 1775 George Washington takes command of the Continental Army at Cambridge, Massachusetts, during the American Revolution. The first battles […]

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Dr. Ronald Hanson

Dr. Ronald Hanson: Contact Information

DR. HANSON IS READY TO HEAR FROM YOU! Thanks to all of you who contacted me via this website to inquire about Dr. Hanson, formerly of Centeno Schultz Clinic. I was impressed with the stories you shared about how much he helped you manage or eliminate your pain. He is a highly-skilled and kind-hearted man, and it […]

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HOW SITTING ON THE SEAT OF A TRACTOR INSPIRES ME Picture this: A novelist-farmer in Southwestern Colorado needs answers to questions that keep popping up in her current work-in-progress. She also needs to mow or disk the pasture. If she spends her time thinking about plot and characterization while sitting in front of the computer, the […]

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Christian Fantasy: New worlds to explore

Exploring Fantasy Worlds with author R. J. Larson Fantasy is not a genre of fiction I typically choose. I mean, come on. Dragons or other strange and frightening creatures? Make-believe words and worlds? Magic? Medieval-type settings full of castles and men and women who fight with swords or other deadly weapons? REALLY? By definition, fantasy is […]

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Sidetracked, by Brandilyn Collins

SIDETRACKED: A story of mystery and suspense by Brandilyn Collins Hi, you all. I know you haven’t heard from me for a while, but you understand how life gets in the way of our best-laid plans, don’t you? Sometimes we get sidetracked, or even derailed. Fortunately, we can usually get back on the tracks, though doing […]

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