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Tying the Past to the Present

The theme of this website is “Tying the Past to the Present: looking through the lens of history to learn lessons for today.” As a Christian historical writer, I’ve learned many things through historical research that have informed and enriched my life. They’ve given me a better appreciation of people who lived in different times, […]

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To Blog, or Not to Blog: That was the question

I knew when I switched careers from teacher to writer there would be new challenges, learning, and expectations. Instead of dealing with students, parents, other teachers, counselors, and administrators, my world is now populated with readers, other writers, critique partners, literary agents, and publishing house editors.  It made me nervous to think of starting over […]

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The Impact of Career Choice on My Writing

CHANGING CAREERS I was an English Language Acquisition teacher for almost twenty-five years. During this time, I worked with students from many different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. How these students communicated with me and each other, and when and why bilingual people chose to code switch, or alternate between two or more languages in a […]

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