In Search of Destiny

In Search of Destiny coverIn Search of Destiny: Book Two in the Destiny Trilogy

If you read Dodging Destiny, did you wonder what happened to the people Lexie Logan left behind in the nineteenth century?

I did. Originally, Dodging Destiny was written to be a stand-alone novel, but all of my beta-readers told me I couldn’t stop with the first novel. They wanted to know what happened to the characters when the Civil War broke out. They wondered how Lexie’s experience changed her after she returned to the twenty-first century. I listened and began to research. Book Two, In Search of Destiny, is now available for your reading enjoyment.


Lexie Logan didn’t realize how much influence she had …yet the people she left in the past made life-changing decisions based on their belief in her knowledge of future events.

Because of Lexie, Jim and Edna Bell decide to leave their comfortable home to face an uncertain future and the dangers of the Oregon Trail. Others traveled the Trail with them because their belief in her is so strong.

Because of Lexie, Mary Bell Johnson knows her future will be impacted by the ugliness of the Civil War, yet she chooses to remain in Kansas with her husband knowing there is a strong possibility she will be widowed and left to raise her sons alone.

Because of Lexie, two brothers choose different sides of the conflict: one wears Union blue, the other rebel gray. As the war drags on, each brother wonders if he will survive the carnage to return home to rebuild a new life, or if he will die by his brother’s bullet.

Oregon Trail Travelers

© 2016 Derinda Babcock


Readers have started to post reviews in Amazon. This one made me smile, because I felt the same way as I formed and shaped the story:

          “I loved the second book in the trilogy. It felt like I read an epic adventure. If filmmakers would do justice to this story and not try to change it, I’d love to see this in theaters. I learned so much about the Oregon Trail and the Civil War as I experienced the adventure and drama along with the characters. Because of Lexie Logan’s influence, all these people grew and changed. I would recognize any one of them if they walked down the street.”


Following Destiny Characters

© 2016 Derinda Babcock

Book Three, Following Destiny, the final book in the Destiny trilogy should release Fall 2016. Watch for it.

Lexie Logan learned her lessons … or did she?

Spending three months in 1857 Kansas territory forced her to evaluate her priorities. Now she has returned to the twenty-first century, she must face the fears that caused her to rebel in the first place.

How can Lexie explain the jagged cut on her arm, or the mention of her name in nineteenth century letters and diaries she sent to her cousin for safekeeping? How can she keep her time-travel experience a secret? … Or can she? How will her fiancé, Lance Garrett, respond when he finds out? What impact will Lexie’s visit to the past have on her future?

Though she made promises, will she keep them, or will Lexie allow fear to control her actions and rule her destiny?

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