Dr. Ronald Hanson: Orthocure Clinic

Dr. Ron Hanson OrthoCure Clinic

Dr. Ronald Hanson, OrthoCure Clinic

Dr. Ronald Hanson, OrthoCure Clinic

You’ve been asking and waiting, and now your patience has paid off. Dr. Hanson is now open for business!

Check out his OrthoCure Clinic.

Many of you contacted me via this website to testify to how much pain relief you got after your treatments with Dr. Hanson, your disappointment he no longer practiced in Colorado, and your desire to reach him. My husband, Dwight, and I were fortunate to meet up with this highly-skilled and knowledgeable doctor in July 2015 and again in the middle of April 2016.

If you remember from an earlier post, my husband had a torn right meniscus. Local orthopedic surgeons wanted to “trim” the meniscus, but we learned that this trimming seemed to be the step preceding a knee replacement, so we sought a second opinion. Fortunately he saw Dr. Hanson on The Doctors TV show (click for YouTube video of the show). Dr. H. did not recommend trimming.

Almost three years after his prolo treatments, Dwight’s right knee remains pain-free and functioning.  So when he started feeling twinges in his left knee, we didn’t waste time with anyone else. We drove to Denver, and then flew to Minnesota last July — only an hour and twenty-seven minutes direct flight from Denver. The OrthoCure Clinic is close to the Minneapolis – St. Paul airport and the Mall of America, so we had no trouble finding him. The meniscus wasn’t torn, but the ultrasound showed inflammation and thinning of the left meniscus on the interior edge of his knee. This time, the platelet rich plasma treatment (PRP) Dr. Hanson used seemed to work within hours — certainly within a day. My husband has had no knee pain since the injections, and both he and Dr. Hanson are thrilled that maybe they got a “one and done” response to treatment.

at OrthoCure for hand injections

PRP injections to hands using ultrasound

At OrthoCure for knee injections

PRP injections to knee using ultrasound

In the middle of April, we again flew to Minnesota to see if Dr. Hanson could treat hubby’s hands. Previous years as a gymnast, arthritis at the base of his thumbs and between knuckles, and hours at a time gripping a knife during game processing season increased his pain to the point his hands hurt all the time, and he had little grip. Not only did Dr. Hanson treat them with the platelet rich plasma, he also gave his knees a touch up. Ultrasound allowed Dr. Hanson to administer the regenerative agents directly to problem areas.

Dwight also received laser therapy on his hands both before and after the injections. Dr. Hanson has a Class 4 laser he uses to increase blood flow and improve the body’s chemical environment. He said he has seen a noticeable lessening in patients’ pain, a decrease in need for procedures, and a quicker healing time when he uses the laser.


Though Dr. Hanson has . . .

  • OrthoCure Lab

    OrthoCure Lab

    an advanced lab to prepare the regenerative agents (he’s now able to treat patients using his new lab without violating contractual agreements with his previous clinic–YAY!),

  • an uncanny ability to interpret information on the ultrasound screen,
  • extensive knowledge and expertise in orthopedic medicine,
  • the ability to interpret, diagnose, and treat patients successfully based on their needs,

what makes him standout from the crowd is the time he takes to listen to his patients.

He treats, but he also makes time to reevaluate and retreat. He is not a one-size-fits-all practitioner. He has adopted the words of Maimonides as his guiding principle. Maimonides penned this prayer in about 1200 AD:

Almighty God,

Thou hast created the human body with infinite wisdom.

Thou hast blest Thine earth, Thy rivers, and Thy mountains with healing substances;

they enable Thy creatures to alleviate their sufferings, and to heal their illnesses.


Thou hast endowed man with the wisdom

to relieve the suffering of his brother, to recognize his disorders,

to extract the healing substances, to discover their powers,

and to prepare them and apply them to suit every ill.


In Thine eternal providence Thou hast chosen me

to watch over the life and health of Thy creatures.

I am now about to apply myself to the duties of my profession.


Support me, Almighty God,

in these great labors that they may benefit mankind,

for without Thy help not even the least thing will succeed.

Ron'sWallPrayer copy

 Please consider contacting Dr. Hanson before choosing joint and back surgery. His knowledge, skill, and expertise may save you a lot of future pain and “I wish I would’ve . . .” regrets.

 OrthoCure Clinic.

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  1. LaVonne April 25, 2016 at 10:19 am #

    Dr. Hanson is a wonderful & caring doctor who treated my daughter for hip pain in Colorado. If needed, it is definitely worth considering traveling to his new clinic. Thanks so much for the update and glad to hear your husband is doing well after his treatments!

    • Derinda Babcock April 25, 2016 at 1:35 pm #

      I agree, LaVonne, which is why we’ve already made two trips and intend to get my sister there soon.

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