Following Destiny: Q & A with Lexie Logan

FOLLOWING DESTINY: Lexie Logan Returns to the Twenty-First Century

Q & A with Lexie Logan

Following Destiny

Following Destiny: the final book in the Destiny trilogy

LEXIE LOGAN is the main character in both Book One,  Dodging Destiny and Book Three, Following Destiny. Though not physically present in the second book, In Search of Destiny, her influence on the lives of people she left in the nineteenth century keeps her personality alive throughout the story. As I created Lexie’s character, I wondered what made her tick. How was she like me? How was she different? What strengths and weaknesses made her believable? In what ways did she influence the people around her, and how did they impact her? The more questions I asked and answered, the more Lexie grew into a real, three-dimensional person in the stories. I’ve invited Lexie to step out of the pages of the Destiny trilogy and visit with us for a few moments.

Q: Lexie, what is the most important lesson you learned about yourself after your time-travel experience?

A: I learned how easily fear can sneak up and hamstring me. When I was a child, my parents warned against using four-letter-words, but F-E-A-R didn’t make their list. I never thought of myself as a scaredy-cat, but when I face new situations, like ministering in the most dangerous country in the Western Hemisphere where I can’t control the environment around me, fear permeates my thinking.

Q: You are a gifted musician, but which additional talent would you most like to have?

A: During my stay with the Bells in 1857, Edna wanted me to teach her son, Matthew, to read and write. In twenty-first century Guatemala, a co-worker at the orphanage asked me to teach her to speak English. Each request moved me outside my comfort zone. I’m not an English teacher, so I think I’d like to increase my knowledge and develop skills in the area of language acquisition.

Q: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?

A: I’d like to view the opportunities God puts in my life with less caution and more energy and excitement. My husband, Lance, and my younger brother, Steven, are my heroes. They enjoy challenges and don’t let fear or the possibility of failure or unpleasantness stop them from doing what they need to do.

Q: You’ve now returned home. What challenges do you face?

A: Deciding where to live, and how to parent twins will be first two on the priority list.


image © 2017 Derinda Babcock Lexie Logan and Mary Bell



Lexie Logan learned her lessons–or did she?

Spending three months in 1857 Kansas forced her to evaluate her priorities. She has returned to the twenty-first century and now must face the fears that caused her to rebel in the first place.

How can Lexie explain the jagged cut on her arm or the mention of her name in nineteenth-century letters and diaries she sent to her cousin for safe keeping? How can she keep her time-travel experience a secret … or can she? How will her fiancé, Lance Garrett, respond when he finds out? What impact will Lexie’s visit to the past have on her future?

Though she made promises, will she keep them? Or will she let her fears to control her actions and rule her destiny?



How often does fear stop you from doing what you need to do?


Don’t have a copy of the books in the Destiny trilogy? Check your public library. If the books aren’t on the shelf, ask your librarian to order them for you.


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